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Our Word Is Our Bond.

At MANSCo our pledge to excellence starts with quality, safety, customer service, and professionalism. We make every effort to stay ahead of schedule and have incorporated the latest technologies in the industry to exceed the timeline expectation of our clients while meeting their specifications.

MANSCO Focuses On Relationships.

Relationships are the basis of our business. When you sign up to utilize our team on a project, you get a teammate who will look out for the best interest of his all his team members. 

"When we see an opportunity to drive schedule or collaborate with an owner, fellow sub or GC, we take it, our goal is provide added value on every single project" ~ F. Torres

We Are Built On Experience & Driven With Competence.

Times have changed and so has the construction industry. Our goal is to lead everyone of our project with a service and a smile. Please and Thank you aren't just words we use at MANSCo, we mean it. Our talented team will provide technical advice and guidance in a professional manner, every step of the way. 

Our Number One Priority Is The Safety Of Our Team.

We are committed to the safety of all employees, representatives, and the public.
At MansCo, our primary objective is to achieve Zero Accidents and Zero Rework. We have successfully accomplished this by implementing various measures to ensure the safety of our staff and the quality of our work.
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