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When it comes to Asphalt we get it right. Our teams take pride in providing the smoothest roadways possible to ensure everyone traveling on them has the smoothest and safest ride possible. Our paving crew management has been placing asphalt all over the southwest with a combined experience of over a century. You can trust if it's our team to get it placed right the first time, every time.
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Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility
After a botched project left the entry to Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility less than perfect, State of New Mexico Correctional Facility turned to MANSCo to help provide them with a entryway to their facility they could be proud of. Rather than try and fix someone else's mistakes, MANSCo elected to provide the client with full depth reclamation and the facility could not be happier. We were able to exceed timeline requirements while maintaining access to the 24 hour facility. The client was left with an smooth road where all people driving in could only focus on what was ahead not how much their vehicle was shaking from the bumps. You should never blame others for the road your on because, its your own asphalt. .

Since the beginning of the project MansCo has shared in our vision, they have taken the time for careful review and consideration of our plans to assure us they could make all components come together. Throughout the project MansCo remained available to EMW Gas Association as the primary coordinator, even when offsite, which offered great peace of mind to us. MansCo has always acted with the utmost professionalism. When changes or problems arose, they were always willing to go out of their way to rectify any issues. MansCo's desire to complete the job to our satisfaction while keeping us apprised of daily operations portrayed this to the highest standard.

If the sound construction job, or helpful and professional attitude didn't deserve our appreciation, their communication most definitely does. MansCo maintained communication with EMW Gas Association, regularly attending monthly board meetings to provide The Board of Directors with updates. This transparency was priceless to EMW and our Board.

EMW Gas Association can proudly say we recommend your services and would procure them in the future again if needed. Thank You for helping us expand our vision of serving our community!

– Eddie O'Brien, General Manager

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