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Frank Torres

Frank's drive determination and grit have established MANSCo as a go to civil contractor in New Mexico. Growing up in construction Frank is proud of making tomorrow better today with MANSCo's contributions to everyday infrastructure, whether you're flushing a toilet or driving down on a road, our team helps put that infrastructure in place everyday. Frank's studies include SLEI Graduate Scaling Program through Stanford University School of Business & CORe Readiness Program through Harvard University. "At MANSCo, we wont provide you with a list of problems, we'll provide you with a list of solutions"

Martin Salgado

Founding partner and co-owner of MANSCo started with very humble beginnings, his hard work ethic instilled upon him at an early age has helped inspire others in and around our organization. Chances are if we're placing mix, Martin is somewhere nearby ready to jump in and help shovel in hand. They say when you find something you love, you never work a day in your life and Martin loves asphalt!

Merlin Stigge

Merlin's experience and continued push towards technology have pushed MANSCo in a very positive direction. Knowing exactly where we are on every project every single day enables our team to make monetary decisions based on current data. It's important to know where you're headed by knowing where you're at"

Kyler York

Project Executive
Vast range of experience provides MANSCo with the technical knowledge to take on bigger more complex projects. Kyler has over 22 years experience and has been lead on projects ranging in size from $200k to $24M. He has experience in all phases of heavy construction from site prep to completion on lump sum and design build projects.

James Allman

Division Director
James Allman serves as MANSCo's division director for our Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado operations. James extensive knowledge in Civil Construction have enabled him to effectively run projects ranging in size from under $100K to over $24M.

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